2883 El Renacer Microlot, Colombia Single EstateDir. Trade $19.00 12 oz. Medium Light Medium Medium High Fruited and sweet with flavors of marmaladefruit leather and vanilla custard. El Renacer Brothers: Hector and Fabio Artunduaga 1650 meters Colombia Caturra Pulped, fermented then shade then solar dried
Ritual Coffee - El Renacer Microlot, Colombia
Ritual Coffee - El Renacer Microlot, Colombia

El Renacer Microlot, Colombia

(Single Estate, Dir. Trade)

$19.00 / 12 oz.

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El Renacer Microlot, Colombia
Hector and Fabio Artunduaga own the neighboring farm to one of our most productive producers in Colombia, Omar Viveros. For the last couple of years, they've been combining their coffee with Omar's under the name Miraflores. We have sought to give the Artunduaga brothers their due recognition by offering coffee solely from their 6 hectare farm, El Renacer, located at 1650 meters abo...
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Roast: Medium Light
Body: Medium
Acidity: Medium High
Notes: Fruited and sweet with flavors of marmalade, fruit leather and vanilla custard.
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