MadCap Coffee - Spring Fling
MadCap Coffee - Spring Fling

Spring Fling


$17.50 / 12 oz.

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Spring Fling
The Spring Fling is a lively Madcap blend to celebrate the spring season. Itís full of life and new beginnings with sweet, delicate, and floral flavor. This is another seasonal blend that carries our intention of stepping outside of the box to create an exotic experience made up of a couple of our finest fresh crop offerings. Itís the perfect beverage to enjoy while flowers blossom and the birds start chirping.

Current Blend:
1/2 Gaturiri, Kenya; 1/4 Toarco, Sulawesi and 1/4 San Sebastian, Colombia

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Roast: Medium
Body: Medium light
Acidity: Sweet
Notes: Delicate, floral, Stone Fruit
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