Kuma Coffee - Ulos Batak Peaberry
Kuma Coffee - Ulos Batak Peaberry

Ulos Batak Peaberry


$15.50 / 12 oz.

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Ulos Batak Peaberry
This a really bright coffee. Grapefruit is the main flavor. It should be pretty puckering.This is the sister lot to our Tano Batak coffee that was brought to us by Klassik Coffee Processing station in Lintong. Klassik is a one-of-a-kind coffee processor in Sumatra. The operation is dedicated to only purchasing ripe cherry, meticulously sorting to be nearly defect free and taking g...
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Roast: Medium
Body: Big
Acidity: Complex acidity
Notes: Ruby red grapefruit, sweet guava nectar, crisp finish
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