Kuma Coffee - Panama Elida 3-Pack Christmas Roast!
Kuma Coffee - Panama Elida 3-Pack Christmas Roast!

Panama Elida 3-Pack Christmas Roast!

$45.00 / 1 lb.

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Roasts & Ships Thursday, 12/19/13 only!

Panama Elida 3-Pack Christmas Roast!
Panama Elida 3 Pack Pre-order Christmas Roast! Roast & Ships Thursday, 12/19/13 Only!

This 3-pack of coffees contains the following from famed Panama Elida Estate:

One 8oz bag washed processed - 95pt CoffeeReview.

One 8oz bag of honey processed - 94pt Coffee Review.

One 8oz bag of natural processed - 94pt Coffee Review.
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Roast: Medium Light
Body: See descriptions
Acidity: See description
Notes: So many flavors!
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