2366 Nigusse Lemma Single Estate $15.50 12 oz. Medium Heavy, sweet, thick, fruity and chocolatey Balanced Blueberryblackberrymangococoafig preserves Lemma Edeto 1850-2000 Meters Limu Heirloom Natural, dried on African raised beds
Kuma Coffee - Nigusse Lemma
Kuma Coffee - Nigusse Lemma

Nigusse Lemma

(Single Estate)

$15.50 / 12 oz.

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Nigusse Lemma
Great as an espresso too! This special prepped lot of natural coffee is one of the cleanest naturals that we've ever come across. The body is thick, the cup is oozing with sweetness and the complexity of dark-toned fruits is substantial. Only ripe red cherries were picked and sorted and dried on african raised beds until the cherry dried to an amazing purplish hue. This coffee is truly special.

Roast: Medium
Body: Heavy, sweet, thick, fruity and chocolatey
Acidity: Balanced
Notes: Blueberry, blackberry, mango, cocoa, fig preserves
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