Kuma Coffee - Kenya Kiangoi
Kuma Coffee - Kenya Kiangoi

Kenya Kiangoi


$18.00 / 12 oz.

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Kenya Kiangoi
The Kenya Kiangoi is our second new crop Kenya of the year and its displaying the most complexity of any Kenya thats hit our cupping table. Vibrant and jammy berry flavors, like a mixed berry jam will immediately hit you up front. A big sugary body laden with black currant anchors the cup. In the finish is a distinct and pleasurable burst of flavor that reminds us of grapefruit bitters. Easily the best Kenya we've tasted so far this year! Enjoy!

Roast: Medium
Body: Juicy and big
Acidity: Sparkling acidity
Notes: Mixed Berry Jam, Black Currant, Rose Hips, Grapefruit Bitters
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