2458 Kenya Karogoto $17.50 12 oz. Medium Light Chocolatey body Lively Raspberrysweet strawberry and drinking chocolate 1500 small land owners 1750-1900 Meters Nyeri, Kenya SL28 & SL34 Washed
Kuma Coffee - Kenya Karogoto
Kuma Coffee - Kenya Karogoto

Kenya Karogoto

$17.50 / 12 oz.

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Kenya Karogoto
The Kenya Karogoto AB coffee is a special auction microlot that was acquired through Dorman's Coffee in Nairobi Kenya. The coffee is milled at the Karogoto wetmill and is one of the mills that makes up the Tekangu Coop. We cupped through tens of Kenyans this year to find three 90+ Kenyan offerings. This particular one is the most balanced of the three lots we selected. It has a supe...
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Roast: Medium Light
Body: Chocolatey body
Acidity: Lively
Notes: Raspberry, sweet strawberry and drinking chocolate
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