2726 Illubabor Gole Ethiopia $16.00 12 oz. Medium Light Nice CantaloupeAmber,GrapeRaw Honey Illubabor Gole Washing Station 1900-2100 Meters Ethiopia Washed
Kuma Coffee - Illubabor Gole Ethiopia
Kuma Coffee - Illubabor Gole Ethiopia

Illubabor Gole Ethiopia

$16.00 / 12 oz.

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Illubabor Gole Ethiopia
Illubabor is a microregion of Jimma in the Western mountains of Ethiopia. A multitude of small washing stations exist throughout the mountains that process lots from small producers in the area. Our lot comes from the Gole washing station. This Ethiopian coffee is beautiful albeit a friendly departure from the more typical Yirgacheffe flavor profile.

Roast: Medium Light
Acidity: Nice
Notes: Cantaloupe, Amber,Grape, Raw Honey
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