Kuma Coffee - Guatemala Chuito
Kuma Coffee - Guatemala Chuito

Guatemala Chuito

(Dir. Trade, Relationship)

$18.00 / 12 oz.

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Guatemala Chuito
We visited Concepcion Chuito with Luis Pedro Zelaya Zemora in February 2011. He drove us to the highest part of the farm and we looked down at the valley at the parameter of Antigua down below. The coffee wasn't ready to cup at the time, but when samples came a few months later we fell in love with the coffee. It was a very obvious choice for single origin espresso because of the chocolate powder type body and the balanced punch-like acidity that's turns into a chocolate bar experience when introduced to milk.

Roast: Medium Light
Body: Medium to medium heavy
Acidity: Balanced punch-like acidity
Notes: Dutch Cocoa Powder, Hazelnut, Pomelo, Lime Zest
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