Dogwood Coffee - Roaster's Choice Sampler - 4 Pack
Dogwood Coffee - Roaster's Choice Sampler - 4 Pack

Roaster's Choice Sampler - 4 Pack


$37.00 / 25 oz.

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Roasts & ships Monday thru Thursday.

Roaster's Choice Sampler - 4 Pack
(Total weight: 25.6 ounces) Can't decide what you want? This sampler contains 4 bags each weighing 6.4 ounces of different coffees from Dogwood's current offerings.

Please note : Coffees pictured may not be the coffees included in the sampler pack. We can guarantee that all the coffees will be different, and delicious, but not necessarily which coffees will be include...
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Roast: Medium
Body: Various
Acidity: Various
Notes: A joy to taste! Variety.
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