3145 Decaf Mexico: Rancho Bonito Decaf.Single Estate $15.96 12 oz. Medium Medium Mild Creamysmoothalmond Rancho Bonito Erwin Pohlenz 1200-1400 meters Chiapas, Mexico Typica, catuai and bourbon Fully washed, Mountain Water Process Decaf
Dogwood Coffee - Decaf Mexico: Rancho Bonito
Dogwood Coffee - Decaf Mexico: Rancho Bonito

Decaf Mexico: Rancho Bonito

(Decaf., Single Estate)

$15.96 / 12 oz.

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Decaf Mexico: Rancho Bonito
We use this decaf both for espresso and for brewed coffee. The mountain water process is done in Mexico and uses water instead of chemicals to remove caffeine from the coffee. Rancho Bonito is in the Chiapas region of Mexico and grows Typica, Catuaí and Bourbon.

Roast: Medium
Body: Medium
Acidity: Mild
Notes: Creamy, smooth, almond
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