2625 Kenya AA Sustainable $22.95 1 lb. Medium Luscious and syrupy Bright Red currant and hibiscus 1750 active members of Co-op Co-op of Kiriti 1750 meters Washed and sun dried
Batdorf & Bronson - Kenya AA
Batdorf & Bronson - Kenya AA

Kenya AA


$22.95 / 1 lb.

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Kenya AA
Kenyan coffees are truly unique and this coffee is no exception. The Kenya AA Kaya has a luscious mouth feel with a long syrupy finish. It has a distinctly floral bouquet reminiscent of Jasmine and citrus blossom. This is all tied together in perfect balance with flavors of red currant and hibiscus. This is an all-day coffee; enjoyable at any time.
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Roast: Medium
Body: Luscious and syrupy
Acidity: Bright
Notes: Red currant and hibiscus
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