Barefoot Coffee - Dominion Yirgacheffe -Ethiopia
Barefoot Coffee - Dominion Yirgacheffe -Ethiopia

Dominion Yirgacheffe -Ethiopia

(Relationship, Dir. Trade)

$19.00 / 350 grams.

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Dominion Yirgacheffe -Ethiopia
(12.3 ounces) Sweet notes of hibiscus and stone fruit. Concord grape acidity, with luscious hints of honeysuckle and sugarcane. Clean and juicy. This makes an amazing cold brew for the summer. Roaster David says :Floral, berries, bergamot notes that come through in cold preparation. Barefoot continues to work hand in hand with our long time friend and close associate Mike Stemm of ...
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Roast: Medium
Body: Smooth
Acidity: Clean, juicy, Concord grape acidity
Notes: Hibiscus, stone fruit, hints of honeysuckle and sugarcane
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