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Member's Pick - Equator Coffees -  Tigerwalk Espresso
Robert K.
San Diego, CA
This is a fun left quote. I first experienced this espresso at the Redd restaurant in Yountville, CA, and I liked it so much I called the restaurant and asked what they were using. I did a little research and Elise of GoCoffeeGo found that it was a special roast for some restaurants and was not available to the public. Well, thanks to Elise, it is now and it was as good as I remember. It has a slight sweetness that brings out a delicious but not overpowering chocolate flavor. In short, I really really like this espresso!! This is a fun right quote.
  August 15, 2011
Medium Light
Equator Coffees
Tigerwalk Espresso
$12.95 / 12 oz.
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Equator Coffees -  Tigerwalk Espresso