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Member's Pick - Batdorf & Bronson - Organic French Roast
Robert Z.
Merion, PA
This is a fun left quote. This is a wonderful coffee. It's a bit unusual to find a french roast that is not too dark or overly smoky, but this coffee surprises and delights. It does have a flavor profile of dark chocolate, caramel and a slight hint of toastiness, but it is subtle, pleasing and not at all overwhelming. It's a coffee that would appropriate any time of the day. If you were to try it and didn't know it was called a french roast, you would probably think of it as a delicious medium dark roasted blend that you would want every day. Well, at least I do! This is a fun right quote.
  December 13, 2010
Dark / Fair Trade, Shade
Batdorf & Bronson
Organic French Roast
(Fair Trade, Shade)

$16.95 / 1 lb.
This coffee is temporarily unavailable.
Batdorf & Bronson - Organic French Roast