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Member's Pick - 1000Faces Coffee - Decaf Monk
Paul D.
Zionsville, IN
This is a fun left quote. I like to create 50:50 blends of caffeinated and decaffeinated coffees to avoid the blood pressure spike I get with pure caffeine. I finally found a mix I really like with the decaf monk and the Don Roger, both from 1000 Faces. The Indian spice from Don Roger comes through, and the gentle, wine-like acidity from the decaf monk holds up in the blend. The mix is best straight-up black, without any milk added. Long live the Monk Don Roger! This is a fun right quote.
  December 23, 2013
Medium Dark / Organic, Shade
1000Faces Coffee
Decaf Monk
(Organic, Shade)

$14.00 / 12 oz.
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1000Faces Coffee - Decaf Monk