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Member's Pick - Bird Rock Coffee - Cascara Tea
Thomas L.
North Plainfield, NJ
This is a fun left quote. I hadn't a clue coffee could be steeped like tea, until I happened upon Cascara Tea. At first I ordered only one, in case I didn't like it. I could rave on about the fruit berry taste, ending with a hint of coffee, but words can't express fully what the palate can! I went on to buy 3 more sacks of Cascara, during the buy 3 ship free offer. It was that good! Interesting is the explanation of how a tea comes from a coffee berry! This is a fun right quote.
  November 18, 2013
Bird Rock Coffee
Cascara Tea
$12.00 / 8 oz.
This coffee is temporarily unavailable.
Bird Rock Coffee - Cascara Tea