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Member's Pick - Doma Coffee - Virgil's Organic Blend
Marisol A.
Los Angeles, CA
This is a fun left quote. One word: CHOCOLATE. I brewed this coffee the way I normally brew my others and found it to taste overwhelmingly of dark chocolate and that was after I put my usual creamer and sugar in it! I actually had to water it down to make it taste more like my preference, which is milk chocolate. Overall a solid value if you like to make your coffee money stretch. Very little to no bitterness and extremely smooth. It's like your favorite hot chocolate with a kick! I think it would definitely make an outstanding iced coffee. This is a fun right quote.
  August 05, 2013
Dark / Dir. Trade, Fair Trade
Doma Coffee
Virgil's Organic Blend
(Dir. Trade, Fair Trade)

$12.85 / 12 oz.
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Doma Coffee - Virgil's Organic Blend