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Member's Pick - 1000Faces Coffee - Bell's Blend
Jason D.
Champaign, IL
This is a fun left quote. I ordered a pound of Aldo's Blend and a pound of Bell's Blend from 1000Faces coffee as my first Go-Coffee-Go order, and love what I'm tasting from the Bell's Blend! This coffee is a great medium roast blend. Upon opening, one thing I noticed was that a good percentage of the beans were smaller than I'm used to seeing; not sure what this means, but thought it interesting! It has a slightly thicker body than I expected. There is definitely a bit of brightness in here, and I get a lot of the "floral earth" taste on the palette, and then peanut butter cup in the lingering finish. This is a flavor I've never noted before in coffee, and I quite like it! Definitely enjoy, would buy again. This is a fun right quote.
  April 09, 2012
Medium / Sustainable, Dir. Trade
1000Faces Coffee
Bell's Blend
(Sustainable, Dir. Trade)

$12.50 / 12 oz.
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1000Faces Coffee - Bell's Blend