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Member's Pick - 1000Faces Coffee - Aldo's Blend
Madison R.
Bethany, OK
This is a fun left quote. I loved this coffees flavor. It had a very rich and chocolatey flavor. Great for a chilly day of classes or work. I thought it tasted the best when made with my french press mug even though I still loved it made other ways too but by far this was my favorite. It made me think of my mother's homemade chocolate brownies. I also appreciated the fact that after sitting in my mug for several hours and cooling it retained its original flavor with no acidic flavor at all. I would definitely recommend trying this to anyone. This is a fun right quote.
  November 04, 2013
Medium Dark / Dir. Trade, Relationship
1000Faces Coffee
Aldo's Blend
(Dir. Trade, Relationship)

$12.50 / 12 oz.
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1000Faces Coffee - Aldo's Blend