Limited Offering Roasts - Medium Light
Equator Coffees
Equator Coffees - Burundi Bubezi
Burundi Bubezi
$16.95 / 12 oz.
Try with Burundi Nyangwe.
Compare them!
Equator Coffees
Equator Coffees - Snow Leopard
Snow Leopard
$16.50 / 12 oz.
Available as long as
components last!
Equator Coffees
Equator Coffees - Honduras Pino de Oro Cup of Excellence Auction Lot
Honduras Pino de Oro Cup of Excellence Auction Lot

$29.95 / 8 oz.
Very Limited. Cup of
Excellence Winner!
Novo Coffee
Novo Coffee - Hachira

$28.00 / 12 oz.
Limited Coffee!!!
Olympia Coffee
Olympia Coffee - Ethiopia Ademegorbota
Ethiopia Ademegorbota
(Organic, Fair Trade)

$16.75 / 12 oz.
Limited winning
African coffee.
JBC Coffee Roasters
JBC Coffee Roasters - Aricha Ethiopia Yirgacheffe
Aricha Ethiopia Yirgacheffe
$15.99 / 12 oz.
Limited African
Equator Coffees
Equator Coffees - Eye Of The Tiger Espresso
Eye Of The Tiger Espresso
$15.25 / 12 oz.
While it lasts!
Olympia Coffee
Olympia Coffee - Little Buddy Organic Blend
Little Buddy Organic Blend
(Organic, Sustainable)

$14.90 / 12 oz.
Limited Great New
Olympia Coffee
Olympia Coffee - Kenya Kiunya
Kenya Kiunya
(Shade, Sustainable)

$20.65 / 12 oz.
Limited Kenya
Kuma Coffee
Kuma Coffee - Kenya Gachatha AB
Kenya Gachatha AB
$18.00 / 12 oz.
One of the best
you'll taste this year.