Limited Offering Roasts - Light
Equator Coffees
Equator Coffees - Colombia Cerro Azul Geisha Peaberry
Colombia Cerro Azul Geisha Peaberry
(Single Estate, Peaberry)

$25.00 / 8 oz.
Limited Geisha
Chromatic Coffee
Chromatic Coffee - Honduras Rosario Ventura Parainema
Honduras Rosario Ventura Parainema
$18.50 / 10 oz.
Only 600 pounds!
PT's Coffee
PT's Coffee - Ethiopia Yiracheffe Chelba
Ethiopia Yiracheffe Chelba
$16.92 / 12 oz.
Limited Coffee!
Equator Coffees
Equator Coffees - Panama Mama Cata Gesha
Panama Mama Cata Gesha
$46.00 / 8 oz.
Limited Gesha
Equator Coffees
Equator Coffees - Eye Of The Tiger Espresso
Eye Of The Tiger Espresso
$14.25 / 12 oz.
While it lasts!
Novo Coffee
Novo Coffee - Hartmann Honey
Hartmann Honey
(Shade, Sustainable)

$15.00 / 12 oz.
A spectacular
Bird Rock Coffee
Bird Rock Coffee - El Salvador: Los Lunchadores
El Salvador: Los Lunchadores
(Single Estate, Relationship)

$16.99 / 12 oz.
Small lot!
PT's Coffee
PT's Coffee - Villa Loyola S.O. Espresso
Villa Loyola S.O. Espresso
(Single Estate, COE)

$22.30 / 1 lb.
Limited espresso.